Steve Vine

"My name is Steve and I work for Managed Advertising Solutions a sister company to Health & Social Care Jobs.  Working on the Managed Advertising Service, my job is to ensure that I work with our clients to produce the very best job adverts, whilst doing as much research as I can about them, their geographical area and that their adverts are kept fresh, interesting and always represent the clients we recruit for well.  I like to be creative to make sure that all our adverts stand out. I have a great team helping me and there’s a brilliant team ethic!"

"I love working at here because I love the satisfaction of knowing I have helped our clients find the best candidates for their jobs and their customers, and also helped a business grow because of it."

"I have previously worked as a Team Leader for a Consumer Legal advice service, dealing with the general public and businesses.  This was a very interesting job which could involve some complex investigations.  So I understand the importance of always providing excellent customer service. I have dealt with some wonderful complaints in my career, including kebabs that were too spicy, or, a TV series that ended on a cliff-hanger… Seriously! (I do have many more)"

"I love to wind up some of my colleagues (it’s not hard) and keep people laughing with my sense of humor.  I’m a big football fan (Liverpool) and I can’t help but watch and talk about it (alot)."