Amanda Wright

My Name is Amanda and I have been involved in the care sector for over 12 years. I always find the right people for roles as I know what I’m searching for and I thoroughly interview candidates ensuring they have what it takes to do these roles. I very much believe that each candidate’s career is a service user’s future.

I am qualified to Level 5 - Leadership & Management of Children & Young People's Services.

My background is originally within domiciliary care for the elderly and then I moved onto work within a residential setting for young adults with learning and physical disabilities, and, mental health. Within 2 years I was promoted to team leader and then the deputy manager vacancy became available and I decided to go for it and got the job!  I supported a staff team of 20 and ran a 23 Bed Home.

"Caring for others is extremely close to my heart, as I also have a son with severe learning disabilities and complex needs. To be able to support candidates to find their dream job, working within a setting where my son could potentially be the person they are caring for one day is very important to me… that’s why we only look for the ‘best’.

I have direct experience of care shifts, sleepovers, challenging behaviour, the good times and the very sad times. I have held people’s hands as they have passed over and cared for individuals in their darkest of days, but I have also been there to help people achieve their goals and dreams and see them accomplish what they may have waited months or years for.

I am a mother of 2 and love spending time with my children, I am also a huge Taylor swift fan. I almost… almost… touched her hand once when she walked past me at a concert!!