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Adult Mental Health Jobs

Whether you are an Adult Mental Health Care Provider looking for a Hospital Manager, Service Manager or Support Workers or you are a candidate looking for a job the Mental Health care Sector we are here to help.

Mental Health Care is designed to provide early intervention and the correct support, we can hopefully provide you with the same.  With expert knowledge of recruiting for the Mental Health Sector, we can make your search much simpler. We have a history of working with Private Independent Hospitals, NHS, Care Home Providers and Housing Associations across the UK.  We work with candidates and providers to find their ideal job or ideal candidate for this very specialist sector.

Registered Manager owned and led means we have an excellent understanding of the Sector, the importance of having the right team in place and the importance of our role as a recruitment agency.

Are you searching for a job, or a candidate in Scotland, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, East / West Midlands, Norfolk, Hampshire, Greater /Central London, Essex, Yorkshire or anywhere else in the UK?  We can help you find candidates or a Mental Healthcare Provider that is the right fit for you! 

“Deep in your wounds are seeds, waiting to grow into beautiful flowers.”


Our Extensive Candidate Database

We have the UK's largest candidate database for the Health & Social Care Sector, giving us access to thousands of passive job seekers at the touch of a button. These are relevant candidates who all have previous experience working the Mental Health Sector.  This includes (But is not limited to)

  • Chief Executive & Managing Director
  • Regional & Operations Director /Manager
  • Quality & Compliance Director/Manager
  • Area / Locality Manager
  • Addictions Therapist, Eating Disorder Therapist
  • Psychiatrist, CBT Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech & Language Therapist
  • Physiotherapist, Counsellor
  • Adult Social Worker
  • Trainer / Area / Regional Training
  • Hospital Director
  • Hospital Manager & Ward Manager
  • Registered Manager / Service Manager
  • Deputy Service Manager
  • Mental Health Nurse (RMN)
  • Team Leader / Senior Support Worker
  • Senior Staff Nurse
  • Mental Health Support Worker

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