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A Christmas Challenge

  • December-21-2018
A Christmas Challenge

Saturday 15th December, it was decided this would be the date of this years Christmas getaway. Blackpool, were you ready for us?


We all went down to Blackpool to try out the ‘Escape Rooms’ at Clue HQ. Upon arrival it was like home from home for me as we turned up down a farm track onto what appeared to be a disused farm – everyone else looked somewhat disturbed! We split the teams into 2 – The Directors Vs The Staff, surely there was only going to be one winner? We were all blindfolded and taken into our ‘game’ which was essentially in a shipping container in the middle of a car park – to say it was cold was an understatement. The game started and we were faced with more padlocks that I have ever seen in my life locking in clues to get the combination for the next lock. I think we all thought it was going to be a piece of cake but it was surprisingly hard and working out each combination needed serious thought in logic, mental and sequential mindsets. 20mins in and we got out of the first room into the second where it was even harder. We had balls flying out of a bucket all over the floor, circuits to complete, some crazy map puzzle where we had to work out which country was being described and a jigsaw with a UV code on it…. With regards to the jigsaw, we got a jigsaw out of a rucksack with 1minute left, knowing that once we completed it we would be given the code to a briefcase which had the last key card to release the door and escape… would we do it?

Whilst we were completing all the directors had the same challenge in an identical shipping container. From what they say they took much longer to escape the first room than us but also got down to needing the jigsaw completed to get the code to escape…. One team escaped…. But who?????

Following the escape rooms we got taken back to our youth – CORAL ISLAND! For those who haven’t heard about Coral Island it is essentially every kids heaven (and adults in this case) – 2p machines, grab a teddy, donkey derby etc. We all went on the Donkey Derby with an ultimate goal of winning a teddy… 4 times we played and the results were…

Game 1 – Steve Vine

Game 2 – Steve Vine

Game 3 – Steve Vine

Game 4 – An 8 year old child – Steve looked happy!


The day finished with us going to Winter Gardens for a meal and the “Midnight Soul Sisters” performing, the night gets a little bit blurry but I believe we all had a great night and I was happy because I got a cupcake of a random person in the street followed by raiding the vending machine back at the hotel before much needed sleep.


Oh – How did I forget… The Directors got locked in the escape rooms and the rest of the staff escaped with less than a second to spare!

Merry Christmas one and all x