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Have you ever cried before going to work?

  • December-05-2019
Have you ever cried before going to work?

Going to work should be the most pleasurable thing you do, after all, we spend so much time at work.  Have you ever been so unhappy you have cried, or it has made you stressed?

Many years ago I went to work for a Recruitment Company that specialised in Head Hunting, they had, in fact, headhunted me from my previous job, and it can be very flattering thinking someone really wants you on your team.  After joining them I quickly realized that the environment really wasn't for me and the values of the company were worlds away from mine.  The worst part of my job was ringing someone up, at their place of work, and asking them what it would take for them to consider leaving their job.  Could you do that?  Everything I did I was told, we don't do things like that here. My little boy was only very young and wasn't settling into his childminders which also didn't help.  Most mornings I did not want to get out of bed,  I went to work one morning and I literally sat in the carpark and cried!  What had I done???

So there is a message to my story, been headhunted is not always a good thing, do your homework and if you are unhappy at work, don't just jump .. do your research.  The grass can be greener but it can also be bright orange!

If you are thinking about a career move please get in touch with one of our team.  We always ensure that before we place you into a position, right from our initial chat, that you are going to fit into the organization's culture, values and ethos and vice versa when we work with a Care Provider we really get to know them too. 

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