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Helping Providers Recruit Carers since 2011

  • March-10-2020
Helping Providers Recruit Carers since 2011

Everyday Managed Advertising Solutions (A Division of Health & Social Care Jobs) works closely with care providers across the UK, we help them save money, whilst assisting them to attract the very best applicants for their Social Care Job Vacancies. Recruiting within the Social Sector is one of the biggest challenges facing providers. Our service is totally bespoke to our client's needs and although we offer a multi-posting service, we go much further than simply posting your vacancy online.

We have fantastic results every day, so we just had to tell you about one of them.

Challenges Providers Face

Many of our clients come to us with the same recruitment challenges which tend to centre around recruiting Care Assistants and Support Workers, however we can advertise for all other job vacancies, these do tend to be where we really make a difference. 

  • Candidates not returning initial phone calls.
  • Candidates not showing up for interview.
  • Applicants time-wasting to satisfy the Job Centre.
  • Applicants not wanting to carry out personal care / lack of understanding about the job.
  • Finding quality Candidates that can cascade the Provider’s values.

How Can We Help?

We work with many clients that have been using Indeed, this is an example of one of our clients’ issues and how we helped them.

  • Volume of applicants was generally good however quality was poor.
  • Sifting through applicants was very time consuming.
  • Information was missing from the application.
  • We looked at their recruitment process and identified key areas for improvement.
  • We carried out a mystery shop and posed as a candidate and reported our findings to the owner in terms of the whole application experience.
  • Their advertising budget was spiralling.
  • Their business was not able to grow due to recruitment.

How we Helped Turn this around

Once we gained a thorough understanding of the issues they were facing, we put a plan in place.

  • We looked at what the provider’s values were and their Unique Selling Points.
  • We helped them to realise what these were, which helped them look at their recruitment differently.
  • We created brand-new, engaging adverts which really encapsulated the company values.
  • We excited applicants to want to apply!
  • We looked at the provider’s area and the demographics of the area they were looking to attract candidates in.
  • We advertised their newly created adverts onto the UK’s Top Performing Job Boards.
  • We posted additional adverts (Free of Charge) using different variations of the advert on our own website (which show on Google for Jobs & Indeed).
  • We used Multiple locations to target all the providers territory at no extra cost.

What was the result?

  • Their recruiter had such a good response they were struggling to keep up with applicants.
  • We filtered candidates so that only the ones that met their criteria were sent over, meaning their recruiter had more time to chat to candidates and get people in for interview.
  • They had typically recruited 1 or 2 Home Care Assistants per month but with our help, they ended up recruiting 8 carers, their best numbers in months, amazing.
  • They have now been using us for over a year and they see us as an extension of their team!


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Why Choose Us?

Put simply, we love what we do. Every one of our team cares about what we do, and we want to make sure that every client gets the best people, that in turns means their clients have the best care and support. If you need help with Advertising for your Care Assistants or Support Workers, and you want to know more about how we can help, then please give us a call on 0161 204 3374 or you can fill in our Employer Enquiry form and one of our team will get back to you at a time that suits you -