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I May NOT be representing England at the World Cup but i am proud to say "I Love My Job"

  • July-10-2018
I May NOT be representing England at the World Cup but i am proud to say

So my Job is NOT to be Harry Kane or Jordan Pickford or to represent England in the World Cup however I Love My Job just as much as they do - especially when i receive feedback like i did this morning from a candidate.

Im not ashamed to say it brought a tear to my eye and a lump into my throat, receiving feedback like this from a candidate knowing i have found him his dream job and the client their ideal employee really makes me proud of the role we play as a Trusted, Valued, Partner and really does remind us to "Love What We Do". Have a read of the testimonial: 


I decided to add this testimonial for Paul and his team after securing employment with their help.

My wife spotted the job on line on a generic job site and took a print out copy of role and brought it home. I had applied for about 5 different roles and not had one follow up, so feeling a bit anxious. I got home about 3pm and went straight on the laptop, searched for the job, found and applied by adding my saved CV, that was it then forgot all about it and with the beautiful weather, got a cold drink and sat on decking.

I had almost dropped off to sleep when about 45minutes later my mobile went off, It was Paul from Health and Social Care Jobs, almost immediately Paul put me at ease, he was very easy on the ear, he just chatted away finding out about me and my experiences, skill sets, etc. he made me feel at ease and I didn't realise that this was my first part of the interview process. Even though the company was in the process of interviewing he convinced them to add me to the scheduled interview day.

Paul rang me on his way home, offering advice, and tips for the interview which took place 48hrs later. I was shorted listed to the final interview, and again Paul rang me prior to final interview to ensure that I was fully prepared.

I believe that with Health and Social Care Jobs help, it gave me an edge.

They are refreshing in a world of faceless internet which you don't find with lots of other recruiters who seem to advertise jobs that don't exist, and being put forward for jobs that you are not qualified for.

Once again thank you to Paul and his team for helping me to move on to pastures new and giving me the feeling of worth in world of work.

I would highly recommend Paul and his team to anyone who is looking for work or a change in career.