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Is your Advertising only doing half a job?

  • September-19-2020

Advertising your vacancies can be a very time consuming job and attracting candidates can require specialist expertise.   When you advertise with a job board they can be quiet rigid in the way that they allow you to work.

As a care provider we know that you want to attract Care Workers from all over your area, not just in one!  Quiet often the job boards will only allow you to post your job in one area, we understand that this is only half the job!  You have such a big area that you cover you want to attract candidates from all the little towns and villages inbetween.  That's why as part of our Managed Advertising Packages we offer you additional FREE adverts on our own website so you can cover all your little towns and villages.  Whatsmore our jobs not only filter onto indeed but also to Google for Jobs.  Which means that anyone searching in google for "Jobs near me" will find your job right at the top of their browser! 

We would never leave a job half finished .. would you?