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Migraine Awareness Week

  • September-04-2018

Having suffered migraines for nearly 10 years and to try and spread the word for migraine awareness week, I thought I would talk about what it is like suffer from migraines. 

I consider myself very lucky that I don’t often get aura’s (The blinding light that some get), however when I have had them the pain that follows is immense.  As for my migraine’s, my worst was a migraine that lasted 7 days and left me without speech for six weeks afterwards. When I say no speech I mean stuttering, dementia like symptoms (e.g memory loss) and the inability to form words or think of words. I have even felt like my brain has been fried inside. I have lost the feeling in my face, hands and legs and the pain is something else.

This coming from someone with an extremely high pain barrier means it must be painful! Most migraine days I carry on as normal... how I do it I don’t know, but when it is really bad I have to stay in bed all day.  When they say your body shuts down during an attack, they are not kidding. The fatigue that goes with it is horrendous and can start days before and continue days after a migraine.  I will also go into a day dream and drift out… like I am in the room but I’m not.   The smelling smoke is the weirdest side effect but can also be a warning sign an attack is imminent.

10 years of hell!  Don’t get me started when it is my period!  That is a migraine on a different level. The saving grace is once I reach menopause they may go!  Now there’s something to look forward to!

The best thing I have found as a cure is ice packs to the head… tricks your body into sending more blood to the brain.. I swear by them.

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