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National Spa Week, rewarding Carers and me being a Carer for my Wife.

  • September-15-2018
National Spa Week, rewarding Carers and me being a Carer for my Wife.

This was supposed to be a blog regarding Vicky and I partaking in National Spa Week that is currently happening, which we did partake in just slightly early and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, but it also had a more sinister side as it was to relax Vicky before an operation.

As some of you may know my Wife and Business Partner Victoria Marsden has had an operation to remove her Coccyx, she is making a full recovery and received fantastic care from the Surgeon, Nurses and all the Staff at the Spire Hospital in Bristol. This has been a long time coming as she has been in pain for upwards of 3 years, making sitting and driving incredibly difficult for her. So she is very happy that she is on the route to pain free living and so far the initial results are very promising.

Now she is back at the apartment we are staying at in Bath whilst awaiting follow up appointment we're on to my part of caring for her, i honestly think i had forgotten how intensive it can be to care for someone, the last time was probably our children when they were young – they are now 16 and 13. 

This has reminded me of the great work that Carers whoever and wherever you are, be it paid or voluntary, undertake on a daily basis.  

I will be honest im probably not the best carer and have snapped at Vicky a few times but thankfully she has forgiven me and I am trying my best to be patient and caring and undertaking her personal care and wound care to the best of my abilities and I will be honest I am finding it incredibly tying, frustrating but equally incredibly rewarding to be able to tend to her when she needs me most.

So hats off to all Carers. You are fantastic. The patience, support and dedication you show in daily life should be recognised everyday so maybe next year you can persuade your employer or a family member to let you take the time (and maybe even part fund) to partake in National Spa Day and allow you a day to rest, unwind and relax that you deserve.