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Our Managed Advertising Business will Rebrand

  • October-17-2019
Our Managed Advertising Business will Rebrand

Due to the continued success, continued growth and future evolution of the Managed Advertising side of our business we have decided to separate the Managed Advertising business away from the Recruitment side, mainly so that both have their own clear identities yet will still retain the core values we identify with as your “Trusted, Valued, Partner”.

The new company name will be Managed Advertising Solutions, which will be a Division of Health & Social Care Jobs.  We are currently implementing the new brand and Managed Advertising Solutions will have its own Google For Jobs Ready/ optimised website which will be launched in early 2020.

Nothing will change in terms of our service, other than you will receive greater coverage as your job adverts will be posted across both of our job boards come January/February time, our Health & Social Care Specific website/job board and which will be a generalist job board with all jobs filtering onto indeed and google for jobs.  It does mean we will be able to offer our services to a broader client group, and we will be in a position to advertise and managed none care-related positions.

All calls inbound and outbound to our Managed Advertising Team will be using the new company name.