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Personality is Key when Recruiting

  • May-16-2022
Personality is Key when Recruiting

Health & Social Care Jobs get to work very closely with internal recruiters across the country.  We come across some absolutely amazing recruiters, who not only love their jobs but also have a great passion for the organization they work for.   This has got to be key... if your recruiter doesn’t love the company they work for, how are you going to convince someone to come and work for you?  We also speak to Recruiters who simply don't get it! 

Who makes a fantastic Recruiter?  Our first blog in this series explores the importance of personality when it comes to recruiting.

Personality is Key when Recruiting

Personality Profile 

To be a fantastic recruiter you need to definitely have the right personality.  Like any job, you have to have certain skills, but personality is definitely key.  When we recruit internally for a Recruitment role, we use a very simple online personality profiling test to determine whether or not candidates would have the right personality for this key role.  This test is completely free and is a fantastic tool to use . When the result comes through you will receive a pie chart which is broken down into a brief profile about the person, then a pie chart showing percentage: -

  • D - Dominance
  • I - Influential
  • S - Steady
  • C - Compliant

Someone who would make a fantastic Recruiter would score very high D - Dominance and I - Influential.

Someone who would make a fantastic administrator would score very high S - Steady and C - Compliant

Someone who would be in a customer service role with some Admin would most likely score high I - Influential and S - Steady.

Why not try it with your team? 

If you are a Care Provider looking to recruit an Internal Recruiter, we have one of the largest databases in the country not only for Care Professionals but also for Internal Recruiters, Human Resources Professionals at all levels and all other back-office roles.  All of our candidates on our database will have had previous experience within the Health & Social Care Sectors, we know what we are looking for! 

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