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The Mo Bros have done it!!

  • November-30-2018
The Mo Bros have done it!!

November has been an itchy, sore and competitive month to say the least, there have been tears of pain, tears of joy and lots of (Un) healthy competition!!!

Myself, Steve and James have taken this challenge seriously and really given it our all, there have been moments of panic especially for Steve when he went on a night out and his Moustache was aired for all the public to see. Myself i have grabbed the moustache challenge by both handlebars (pardon the pun) and have taken it on many outings throughout November - namely to the Football, so really opened myself up to the widest possible audience where i was faced with laughing, pointing and also some admiration............but what it did do was start conversation and if i understand Movember correctly, some of the founding principles were to foster an atmosphere where men especially could talk to each other and promote an openness so from that perspective i think we have all played our part.

It has definitely brought Myself, Steve and James closer together as colleagues but also as friends talking about normally taboo subjects such as male suicide or male cancer. I have taken this 1 step further and actually been to the GP' as i had noticed a lump in one of my testicles - something i didnt find overly easy. Im awaiting a scan but the Dr feels (again no pun intended!) that it is probably a cyst, but as the old adage goes its better to be safe than sorry.

To date we have raised £485 and there is still time more for you to help us smash our original £300 target further!! Donations can be made on our Movember team page.  

More information about the Movember Foundation can be found on their website.