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What is a Passive Job Seeker and how can we find them for you?

  • December-04-2019
What is a Passive Job Seeker and how can we find them for you?

Health & Social Care Jobs are continuingly looking at how we can support direct employers to find the best talent... whether that is an experienced Registered Manager, Nursing Home Manager, Service Manager, Care Coordinator or Qualified Nurse.  

One thing that sets us apart and means we can be key to finding the talent you need for your organization is our database.  We invest in the latest technology and we are constantly growing our specialist database meaning, we can target the candidates the job boards can't... we call these candidates passive job seekers.  

What is a Passive Job Seeker

A passive job seeker is an individual who is currently employed and is willing to learn about new career opportunities.  An individual that is passively job searching does not actively seek out or apply to job openings. Typically passive job seekers are content in their jobs.  They can offer a lot, and they should not be ruled out just because they are not actively searching, in fact, they are often the most valuable type of candidate.

We engage with passive job seekers every day, some passive job seekers are just waiting for the right moment or the right opportunity to come along!

If you have exhausted the job boards and you still haven't found quality applicants please get in touch with one of our team. Our database often outperforms any of the job boards and we can reach thousands of candidates at the touch of a button.

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