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Pulling Together As a Nation

  • March-31-2020
Pulling Together As a Nation

Now is the best time to be Advertising!

The Care Sector has responded to the COVID 19 pandemic in unified, resilient and awe-inspiring fashion! There is no doubt that the work that the Social Care Sector does generally goes un-noticed, until now!  Britain is waking up to the immense pride that they have not only in our NHS but also for our Social Care Workers and as an organisation we are seeing so many people wanting to be part of it!  This pandemic has brought about change! It has brought out the community spirit in every one of us and that is one of the biggest positive’s I have experienced since this awful pandemic gripped us! 

Health & Social Care Jobs have seen an unprecedented amount of people using the pandemic to change careers, but not only that it has brought out that desire to Make A Difference!  At a time when everything is so very negative, this is a truly fantastic positive, those that have lost their jobs and move into Social Care will love it!k,.

What our Advertising Packages Include:

  • Bespoke Advert Writing Service
  • Demographic & Competitor Analysis
  • Multi-posting service across all our platforms
  • Candidate Filtering Service (Filter by Drivers, male/female, by area)
  • Multiple Free Adverts posted to Health & Social Care Jobs filtering onto Indeed
  • Monthly or Weekly progress calls
  • Dedicated, expert, Recruiter Support, guidance hints and tips.

Additional Services (Please ask for a quotation)

  • Interim Recruiter Service
  • Pre-screening of candidates
  • Arranging Interviews
  • Full Recruitment Service via our Sister Company Health & Social Care Jobs

Managed Advertising Solutions are passionate about making a difference to the Social Care Sector and knowing that people genuinely want to help and become a Care Assistant/Support Worker and play their part during this crisis is humbling.

As a small business your support also means a great deal to us! We are proud to be bespoke, valued and trusted recruitment partner, much more than just a multi-poster.  We care!

If you would like to find out more about our services, please call our Managed Advertising team on 0161 204 3374, or you can send your enquiry via our website none of our team earn commission, we just Love What we Do!

Kind Regards and please stay safe.