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Well Done Naomi!!!!!!!

  • May-25-2018
Well Done Naomi!!!!!!!

It’s time to Celebrate!

We had some excellent news this week! Our lovely Naomi received her QCF level 3 in Recruitment Practice. Those of you who have met Naomi will agree she brings energy and happiness into the office every day, and it’s brilliant to see her hard work pay off.

This was Naomi’s first exam in 9 years, so she was understandably nervous. After months of studying and course work she headed down to Manchester for the final exam- and on the train, she was still studying. In the bar while waiting for exam, sipping her blackcurrant, she was still studying. She was so focused on the exam she almost got lost on the way to the exam hall- even though she was using google maps!

She was still two hours early though- she hates being late, besides that meant she had two more hours to go over her notes and study.

And then she had to sit the exam. Like all exams this was a terrifying experience, but she escaped alive and headed back up home to us on the train (which was an hour late!) After all her hard work and stress she celebrated the day’s end with a well-earned glass of rose.


It comes as no surprise to us that she passed- she’s an excellent recruiter who cares about the people she helps. When I sat down to talk to her about her results, I asked her what she loved about her job.


“I love finding the right candidate- someone you believe in, you want it for them then.”

We’re glad we get to work with you Naomi, and your loving, people first attitude.

From all of us a Health & Social Care Jobs: WELL DONE!!!