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Raising Money and Awareness for Movember......

  • November-15-2020
Raising Money and Awareness for Movember......

The year is 2020 and I’m not sure many of us have experienced a year as sad, bizarre, scary, confusing, and potentially as lonely as this one. Yes, people have suffered hardships around the world throughout my lifetime and for generations before ours, but realistically you never really understand until you are in the middle yourself.

My worries have mainly been family and our business, I have been lucky that at home there are 4 of us so whilst we have faced lockdown and COVID, we have faced it together.

Lots of people haven’t had that luxury of companionship and I have seen friends and family who have suffered from their Mental Health - not just Men, but we Men are a funny breed and we do isolate ourselves and don’t talk to people when we should and carry that burden alone. So this year yes I am raising funds for Movember to allow them to continue their good work I am going to be walking my 60km and growing a stooopid mustache to help start a conversation and engage with people, an icebreaker a way of showing people they are not alone.

Any donations at this difficult time would be appreciated but equally so would a text an email a phone call or a chat if you do need someone to talk to.